Software Development Process

PlanTools™ believes in agile methodologies to allow a constant flow of communication between us and our client. Bi-monthly we will release updates, collect feedback, and refine the solution until the project is completed according to the detailed specifications outlined in our customized Statement of Work (“SOW”), which we have a sterling reputation for creating the most comprehensive SOWs, setting the right expectations from inception to completion.

  • Concept

    Discussing your idea and laying out the vision step by step.

  • Design

    Functionality and the look and feel are equally important to a successful roll out.

  • Development

    Application Development using ASP.Net, MVC, JavaScript, Angular, React, HTML and CSS.

  • Launch

    After thorough regression testing of all functionality, we launch!

Experienced Team

Our team has been developing in the FinTech industry for over 30 years. We can guide you step by step through the process of bringing an idea to fruition without missing a beat.

Track Record

Our experience is beyond the scope of PlanTools and has allowed us to build solutions for some of the industry’s largest financial institutional including AllianzGI, TIAA-CREF, Principal Financial Group, The Standard...and more.

Cost Effective

We have never lost an engagement on price and we have a reputation of under promising and over delivering.

Talk through your application with a PlanTools consultant.