Catapult Streamlines RFP's

Catapult HQ, Inc. ("Catapult") is an all-in-one Request for Proposal solution that empowers procurement departments to streamline their processes through automation. With Catapult you can create and respond to new opportunities, evaluate and score responses, and, deliberate over contract terms. In addition, you can collaborate with team members over question structure or responses as you build and manage your content library to expedite RFP responses. With Catapult’s workflow automation clients have reduced the time it takes to respond by over 90% while increasing output by 66% with the same headcount. You too can experience these same results while increasing your confidence in the effectiveness of your questions or the quality of your responses for any RFP engagements in a quick and efficient manner that is unique to Catapult subscribers.




PlanTools has teamed up with Catapult to provide a fully automated process for executing an RFP while saving you precious time.

Background Review

Although optional, a rigorous qualification process should include vetting an Advisor’s financial and criminal history.

Customized Questionnaires

Industry templates, 11 question types, unlimited potential.

Upload Attachments

Catapult allows you to upload unlimited executive summaries, supporting documents and attachments to specific questions.

Paper Down

This is an automated cloud-based solution available on the web.

Scoring System

Score any or all responses from each participating advisor for each question to quantify your research.

Selection Notification

Evaluate, Score and document your process, it's just that simple. Avoid RFP Fatigue

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