Fee benchmarking is a low cost easy method to assess the reasonableness of fees charged for services rendered by comparing a plan to similar plans by participant size and total assets using our proprietary, independent, and objective database. Based upon the benchmarking results, a fiduciary is able to document a prudent process to support their subjective assessment of each service provider’s value of services rendered accurately and efficiently.

Sample Benchmarking Analysis Report

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PlanTools Asset Based Fee Summary Benchmarking View


Twelve categories and hundreds of services reflected on 27 different reports.

Real Data

Over 115,000 retirement plans organically entered by our database on actual plans.

Instant Results

It takes ≤ 10 minutes to enter data and generate a report.

Meets ERISA § 408(b)(2)

Add disclosures once to apply to reports to meet 408(b)(2) requirements.

Prospects Accommodated

Benchmark prospects with incomplete data without corrupting the database.

Expose Hidden Rev Share

Integrated with over 60+ different platforms to determine the amount of indirect fees.

10 Plan Types

Benchmark plans by type including 401(k), 403(b), DB, DC, ESOP/KSOP, and more.

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If you are not a subscriber of the PlanTools™ Risk Management System but would like a benchmarking report, you have two options:

Option 1: Gather the accurate fees and expenses to be benchmarked, complete, and return a data collection sheet, and within 48 hours receive your benchmarking report. The cost is $975.

Option 2: Provide the underlying plan related documents such as service contracts and 408(b)(2) disclosures to PlanTools for analysis and report preparation. The cost is $1,425. If you are a plan sponsor, local representation can be provided.